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Stranded: Stories of People's Cars Breaking Down in Unfortunate Circumstances
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Think your breaking down story tops the list? Think again! Read these horror stories that'll give you a ride!


Freeway freak-out


I used to have an old hand-me-down Honda in my college days that would suddenly shut off while you were driving it. Like, in the middle of the expressway.


I took it to about 4 different shops to get fixed, each time they'd charge me hundreds of dollars, and yet no one every figured out how to solve the problem!


The car shut down in the middle of the road about 5 times, but thanks to God I never got in an accident. Finally, someone stole the car and I was grateful!



A frosty night


"My friends and I rented a cabin in the mountains during winter a few years ago. We get to the village pretty late, it's snowing and we really can't see too well. The instructions to get to the cabin aren't that clear and we can't find it. There was a steep downhill in front of us, and some of us suggested we walk down to see if the cabin is there, but the driver decided to go there by car.


We drive down, the cabin isn't there, but we can't go back up because the car is stuck in snow and ice and wouldn't move. We were there, freezing our asses off, lost, with no one around to ask for directions, and the only person who had a little bit of reception was my super cheap friend who insisted we use her phone for a minute to call the owner of the cabin because she didn't want to pay extra charges. For a few minutes I really thought I was going to fall asleep in the cold and never wake up."



Holiday turns nightmare


"One of the scariest moments of my life! A couple of years ago my parents and I were driving down to the south of Italy. We were in the region of Liguria when our Mercedes C-class decided to break down. It was around 10pm, Italians speeding as usual, approx. 170/180kmh. We were going in and out of tunnels on a one-way bridge and a river below us. On a curve in between two tunnels, the car decided to stop.


We could see cars coming out of the tunnel behind us and dodging us. We had to quickly get out of the car, hazards lights on, warning triangle out. My mother and I stood outside the car, in front of it, whilst my dad was behind it trying to signal to everyone that the car had broken down. Suddenly all lights all go out. No sign of car life. We had nothing but our phone torches and a shoddy torch that my dad was using. We were there for about 15 minutes.. waiting to die.


Luckily a police car drove by and 5 minutes later the whole bridge is congested as they sent a massive recovery pick-up truck to help us. Ended up staying in a town called Chiavari and we had an awesome time for three days while our battery was getting changed."

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