1300 50 60 30
1300 50 60 30
  1. Can I leave personal items or spare parts in my car?
    Most carriers do not allow loose or personal items to be left in a vehicle during transport, apart from 1 x spare tyre, jack set, car manual and baby seat. Automove do however work with a number of companies who will allow items to be left in the vehicle. These are marked by a green tick under ‘stuff’ in the online prices. Some conditions do apply, so please mention if you need to have items in the car when enquiring.

    If allowed, items in the vehicle are left at the owner’s risk and are not covered by any vehicle transit insurance. Automove and associated car carriers do not take any responsibility for missing or damaged items.
    Regarding bikes, accessories and spare parts cannot travel with the vehicle.

  2. Does my car need to be drivable?
    The instant prices online are for driveable vehicles only. Vehicles must be able to drive on and off a truck, around a depot yard and will start every time. Vehicle’s hand/foot brakes, steering and wheels need to be in working order with no major body damage. All windows must be intact and seats need to be fitted inside. If there is body damage, photos may need to be provided before a booking can be confirmed.
    We can move non-drivable vehicles, please call us on 1300 50 60 30 with details and we will find a price for you. Vehicle must still need working hand/foot brakes, steering & wheels.

    It is much more expensive to move a non-drivable vehicle, so if the vehicle problem is just a flat battery it is cheaper to have this fixed before moving.
    Vehicles do not need to be registered to be classified as drivable.
    Extra fees may apply to vehicles booked in as a drivable but turn out to be non-running.
    Bikes must be able to wheeled. Undrivable vehicles are not insured by the carrier during transport.

  3. Is my vehicle insured during transit?
    Most vehicle carriers we use include loading and unloading insurance in the price issued. This is indicated by the green tick under Insurance in the online prices. Some carriers are more comprehensive than others, details can be given when making an enquiry.
    Any insurance claims need to be made directly to the carrier. If you notice any damage when you receive the vehicle, please point this out to the representative/driver and make note of the damage, before you take possession of the vehicle and sign off any documents.

  4. How long will it take to get there?
    Estimated transit times are provided on the website and based on business days. Please be mindful that these are estimates only and cannot be guaranteed by Automove or the vehicle carrier. Weather, seasonal spikes and general demand can cause transit delays.

  5. How do I pay?
    To get our cheap rates, bookings need to be made by ringing Automove on 1300 50 60 30. All bookings need to be paid prior to moving the vehicle and can be paid by credit card or bank deposit. Cash cannot be paid at the depot, nor can it be paid upon receiving the vehicle. All prices are inclusive of GST.

  6. Can you pick up from regional areas?
    We work with carriers that service just about every area in Australia. If you cannot find prices on our website please contact our customer service centre on 1300 50 60 30 and we will be able to find a price for you.

  7. When can I get my car moved?
    Most of our carriers are open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4pm. For door pickups carriers require at least 2 business days notice to organise a pickup. Carriers are not open on public holidays. Someone must be present to receive or hand over the vehicle.
    In most cases a vehicle inspection report will need to be signed at both ends noting prior or new damage.
    For door pickups and deliveries please ensure your street and residence can be accessed by a small tilt-tray truck.

  8. What should I do if I need transport to WA?
    Vehicles entering WA from another state are subject to a quarantine inspection. Please ensure vehicles are clean from any excess dirt both inside and out. Fees may apply if the vehicle is deemed too dirty to enter WA and require cleaning at the border.

  9. My car is modified, can you still move it?
    Most probably, just mention what has been modified and we’ll let you know. For standard prices, the vehicle must have a ground clearance of at least 15cm. If higher than 8cm but lower than 15cm, please let us know the exact ground clearance height from the lowest point of the vehicle and we will organise a specialised quote for you. Lowered vehicles cost a bit more to move so if you can raise the vehicle this will work out cheaper for you.

  10. I have a massive car! Can you still move it?
    Probably, our standard prices are for vehicles not exceeding 5m in length, 1.9m in height and 2m width. If larger please provide the exact measurements and we will get a specialised quote for you.

  11. I have a vintage car or a really special vehicle.
    If you have a vintage, a vehicle older than 1974 or a vehicle worth more than $60,000 please let the Automove consultants know when enquiring about prices. We can also provide rates for the transport of race & prestige vehicles at an extra cost. This service provides a hydraulic lift transporter, enclosed carriage and specialist supervision amongst other extras.

  12. How is my vehicle transported?
    Most carriers use open air trucks, similar to the ones you see taking cars to dealerships. For long haul trips, like across the Nullarbor, part of the journey may be in an enclosed container on a train. Some companies will also use the train for part of the journey on the east coast of Australia. If you would like a fully enclosed service for the entire journey, between depots, this can be provided at an extra cost.
    Bikes are transported in specifically designed trucks for bikes. Some carriers can individually crate the bikes for transport.

  13. I’ve bought a car from an Auction House.
    Vehicles that need to be picked up from Auction Houses will require the following documents when booking in:

    • Copy of buyers drivers licence
    • A letter or email authorising the car carrier permission to pick up the vehicle on your behalf.
    • A copy of the tax invoice showing you have purchased the vehicle.
    • If the vehicle is damaged, photos showing the damage.
    • In some cases the congratulatory email showing you are the winning bidder may need to be provided.

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