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Moving and Your Car Registration
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Moving can be a stressful task that requires leaving nothing to chance. Direct monitoring and micromanaging to ensure that all packing tasks are completed by moving day is integral to achieving a successful move, but what about your car? What happens when you move to another state and your car comes with you?


While not important at all if you are moving within the same state ensuring your car is correctly registered for your new state or territory is integral. Often overlooked thanks to the prioritisation of moving the contents of your house ensuring that your vehicle complies with the road rules and regulations of your new home state is a simple process that will prevent you from incurring fines and possible demerit points against your licence. The process for changing vehicle registration is a relatively straightforward and simple one. At Auto Move we have itemised the requirements for motorists moving state and intending to continue to drive their vehicle in their new state of residence:


Transfer of registration


Most states and territories in Australia will allow interstate drivers to use their roads without having to transfer their registration if the driver is only on their roads temporarily. If the driver is planning to move to the state in question then a transfer of registration is required. An added bonus for those of you moving to South Australia is you can apply to the state where the vehicle was originally registered and apply for a refund of any registration fees you initially paid. To successfully transfer registration the driver is required to provide the following items and submit their vehicle to:


- A Roadworthy check


Depending on which state you are moving to most states and territories in Australia do not require motorist's vehicles to undergo a roadworthy check if the vehicle is currently registered in its home state.


- Proof of residence


To fully register your vehicle in a new state you will have to provide physical proof that you are residing in the state where you intend to register the vehicle. Proof of residence generally refers to documents including: rental/lease agreement, utilities bills, or any other form of official documentation.


- Proof of identity


Official identifications such as a current driver's licence, bank card, passport, and birth certificate are also required when transferring registration. These are used in conjunction with your proof of residence to issue you with a new driver's licence for the state.


- Removal and replacement of interstate licence plates


To drive on your new state roads you need to make sure that your vehicle is displaying the correct number plates from that state. Depending on which state you are transferring to you will be able to keep the former state's plates, other states will require you to hand them in to that state's motor vehicle authority.


- Fill in and submit application forms in person


As with all other interactions with motor vehicle authorities you will need to fill in and present the relevant forms in person to your nearest state vehicle regulation office.

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