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A step by step guide to interstate car transport
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If you have never moved home, moving interstate can be both a time consuming, potentially stressful event. Not only are you moving home, you are moving your home interstate which takes a little more organisation than simply moving within your current location.

As part of your relocation, you may need to move your car or cars interstate. So where to start? We looked at a step by step guide to help ease the pain of interstate relocation and transporting your vehicle along with this process:

  • Get a vehicle transport quote - we provide you with an easy to use form to enable you to get the best quote for your situation
  • Consider the cost - a quote will help to give the best prices possible for moving your car interstate
  • Ensure all information is filled out in detail and correctly to make sure the quote is as accurate as possible
  • Consider all the options - it may seem easy to use various different companies to move all your positions, it can also make sense to combine into one shipment
  • Ask for an insurance, it is a great idea to compare the insurance of your own company and that of the car transport company to make sure you are getting the best price for your situation
  • Have you considered additional vehicles? Do you have more than one car, or a motorbike that could save you time and money by combining into one transport load?  
  • Once the transport company has been selected ensure that your vehicle is ready for its journey interstate:  http://www.comparequotes.net.au/car-transport/car-transport-tips

Once you have made the executive decision of which interstate transport specialist to use and you have booked their services, it is important that your vehicle is in the right condition for moving using the following guidelines:

  • Prepare the mechanics - ensure that the functionality of the car is up to scratch including brakes, steering and core operations
  • Remove antennae and personal belongings
  • Provide the freight company with a set of keys
  • Disable any car alarms
  • Leave only a ¼ of a tank of petrol in the car to save weight

The Car Transport Automove site can help to provide you with further details and guides about the transportation interstate of your vehicle for a smooth and succinct process. For the most economical and professional services and to receive a quote for your vehicle transportation needs head to Automove

Easy Car Transport Quotes for Car Shipping, Relocation and Freight in Australia!

Need to freight or car relocation with ease and convenience? Well, Automove will help you acquire highly efficient car shipping services from reputable car transport companies, no matter where you are in Australia.

Through our vast network of trusted Australian car freight experts, we are able to offer you genuine, 100% top quality car relocation services that are second to none. Rest assured that when you pick a car shipping specialist through Automove, you are getting the most reliable car transport quotes in Australia.

Whether you are looking for local or interstate car transport, we guarantee that we will find the highest quality car freight service at the lowest price possible - all at a location nearest to you! Our smart online system is extremely easy to use and you can even get a car transport quote instantly!

Not only will you get great quotes from some of Australia's best car transporters, you will also enjoy peace of mind knowing that your ultimate satisfaction is our highest priority. That is why we will always give you only the best car transport quotes available without the having to go through time consuming procedures.

No matter the size of your vehicle, we will find the most secure car/vehicle freight for you! So, if you are looking to freight oversized vehicles like boats or trailers, Automove will find the right people to get the job done.

How does AutoMove's car shipping/freight quotes work?

  1. You fill in some simple details about your vehicle transport or car relocation needs.
  2. We contact a number of reputable car transporting services with your requirements
  3. You get FAST vehicle and car shipping quotes from a number of transport companies.
  4. You choose and book your car moving service with the Australian car transporters of your choice... and the job is done!

Australia wide car shipping services

Whether you are moving cars or a vehicle from metropolitan Melbourne to a rural address, or you are transporting cars from one side of Australia to the other - Automove has your Australian car transport needs covered. Our car shipping companies offer holistic car transport services Australia wide - so forget looking for a professional car relocation service anywhere else! At Automove, we can cover everything you are searching for!!

Why should I choose Automove to handle my car relocation needs?

  1. We've done all the shopping around for you to bring you a great range of local and interstate car transport services- saving you heaps of time and money.
  2. We only suggest quotes from reputable car transport companies
  3. We get you quotes FAST- with our hassle free service, comparing quotes has never been easier!
  4. Most importantly, we always have you and your vehicle's best interest in mind and that motivates us to give you only the best and cheapest car transport quotes in the whole of Australia.
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